Outreach Programs Are Online Advertising Solutions For New Audience Development.

Keyword Targeting - Reach Your Audience Through Content

Every word on every website page is indexed and cataloged by the major search engines – this is how we get the search results we do. As a result of this function, keyword targeting enables advertisers to choose the keywords that best match the product or service they offer, and then have the ad delivered onto the site editorial pages that contain them.

How It Works:

A custom list of dozens of relevant keywords is created for every campaign. These keywords can be provided by the advertiser, or a list can be generated based on the goals of the campaign and the product or service offered.

The keyword list is loaded into the ad server, and the ad will then appear on site pages that contain the selected keywords. The ads do not appear on search result pages, but on-site content pages.

Key Benefits For Advertisers:

  • Learn new sites that reach your audience.
  • Identify which keywords work to support your product or service.
  • Reach potential customers who've already demonstrated interest in your product or service by visiting Web pages with content relevant to your business.

Network Solutions

We offer many mobile network solutions across various demographic audiences in order to target your customers. These mobile networks are designed based on hundreds of campaigns for advertisers targeting these particular audience groups, and the sites included have performed well in delivering audience traffic to advertiser sites.

Target Audiences Through App Networks:

Automotive Travel Entertainment Personal Finance
Sports Business Education Food & Drink
News Health & Fitness Beauty Hotels
Shopping Music Home & Garden And More!

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is a technique used by online publishers and advertisers to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns through information collected on an individual’s Web-browsing behavior, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to select which advertisements to display to that individual.

How Does It Work?

When a user visits a website, a cookie is placed onto the computer. The cookie has details about your visit that help separate you into a specific group. From that point, websites that use behavioral targeting will only show you information that is relevant to you.

Audience Look-Alikes

Retargeting cookies are powerful data collection tools, and the look-alike modeling opportunity enables advertisers to gather new information regarding their site's visitors. You will need a retargeting pixel. Once placed, that pixel will begin building the advertiser’s site-visiting audience, one cookie at a time. The cookies are then compared to many other data collection providers in order to find which audience characteristics exist. These data collection providers are well-known companies including:

The data retrieved demonstrates the key audience characteristics contained within the cookies based on sites they use to search, shop, bank, travel, etc..

Key Benefits Of Data For Advertisers:

  • Gather new insight as to who site visitors are.
  • Identify new audience for outreach campaigns to drive new traffic to site.
  • Add third-party data sources to enhance targeting of outreach.
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Digital Services


Mobile advertising allows advertisers to direct their ads to people based on their current location and locations they've previously visited.

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Improve your advertising effectiveness by delivering ads to people who have already showed interest in your business or brand.

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Choose keywords that best match the products or services you offer and have ads delivered onto sites that contain those keywords.

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Fully transparent solution to select sites by category; audience targeting; and forecasting tools to understand the budget required to meet your goals.

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IP Targeting

If you have a list of addresses, we can target those addresses with digital ads that will appear to potential customers in those physical locations.

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When people search for one of your keywords, your ad will appear next to the search results, targeting people that are currently searching for your product or service.

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Email Marketing

Permission based emailing is cost-effective, data driven and gives you incredible targeting capabilities to drive direct sales.

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Reach those who have visited physical locations. Retarget any consumer who has visited a store or physical location from past campaigns.

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Behavioral Targeting

Increase your advertising effectiveness by targeting individuals based on their web browsing behavior such as search history.

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Bullseye Total Media on target every time

Bullseye Total Media gives you unique targeting capabilities that are not available in offline advertising. These capabilities include Geographical targeting, Demographic targeting and Behavioral targeting allowing advertisers to reach their desired target audience easily.

With online advertising, you can target a male or female living in a certain city with specific interests while using a particular operating system or browser at a certain time.

Online advertising offers one of the most cost effective methods of marketing available. You are able to create, deliver and execute an online marketing campaign to a full spectrum of viewers, spending only what’s necessary in order to maximize your return on investment.

  • Access to 95% of all digital inventory in the market, state, region, U.S. or worldwide.

  • We continually strive to keep your business ahead of your competition at low cost with high ROI.

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